After working in retail for years, Mathieu decided to launch his own clothing line consisting of stretchy jeans and graphic tees. His attention to detail combined with his tenacity, creativity, drive and determination have made what TJG is today. When he isn’t working on the brand, you can find him snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies.


If you enjoy our products, it’s likely in part because of Olivier. A friend to all and a seasoned globetrotter always on the lookout for the next sunny destination, he has been a fan of TJG clothing since the very beginning. He tests products, promotes the TJG brand and represents the company with the laid-back lifestyle he leads.

Customer Representative

Leah has been making our customers smile since 2019. Her ability to adapt to the trickiest of situations without breaking a sweat makes her one of our most valuable team members. An avid reader and travel enthusiast, she can usually be found lost in a good read or catching flights to some far-off destination when out of the office.